Green Cotton Sateen from Minvera in Butterick 6410 & Vogue 9357

There are two things we love sewing:
(1) Hacking patterns together
(2) Pockets (really big useful pockets)
This dress has both!

Getting to add pockets to garments is one of the greatest things about sewing. On the rare occasion, we walk into a store to buy clothing, we are constantly on the hunt for clothes with pockets. So when you get to make your own clothes, you get the opportunity to put pockets in everything!

Fabric: Woven Stretch Cotton Sateen Fabric Green from Minerva

Those who have been following up for a while will know the cotton sateen fabric is one of our favourite fabrics to sew. Cotton sateen is easy to sew with, comfortable to wear and comes in many colours or patterns. And this fabric was no exception. This fabric is a lighter cotton sateen, with a vibrant green background and delicate floral print. The black theme in the pattern means it was really easy to pair with white or black shoes, but still keeping the over vibe of the fabric colourful and bright! See the fabric on Minerva here

Pattern: Butterick 6410 and Vogue 9357

For this dress, we hacked the skirt and pocket combo onto Butterick 6410. Butterick 6410 have a great collar option and centre seam across the bust. To create a feature of these design lines, we used a bias to highlight the seams. Rather than a standard cotton bias, we used a satin bias which creates a great contrast against the green fabric.

One of our favourite pockets are from the pattern Vogue 9357 – they are big and very useful patch pockets. Patch pockets often remind us of vintage kids clothes, only this pattern turns them into modern corporate pockets. It helps that they are sewN into the side seams, giving the pockets a more modern vibe, it also helps keep them sturdy once you fill the pockets!

Vogue 9357 is also a great skirt pattern with an A-line calf length skirt. It is one of our favourite patterns to make and hack onto other bodice fabrics.

Finished Make

Photo Credits

Photographer: James Christie Media
Pattern:  Vogue 9357 and Butterick 6410
Fabric:  Woven Stretch Cotton Sateen Fabric Green provided by Minerva