Creative Services by Two Sewing Sisters

Two Sewing Sisters offers a range of creative services with skills in relation to sewing and creative businesses.  Between this multi-talented team, they can support your creative project and take it to the next level. 


Graphic Design and digital content creation

Did you know that all the content you see on Two Sewing Sisters is produced in-house?  All the graphics including logos, banners and videos are captured and produced by the team.  Looking to refine or expand your digital landscape through website development, digital content and social media?  Let’s have a chat to explore your goals. 

Garment trade drawings

Need a technical drawing for a garment or construction details captured?  Two Sewing Sisters draws on solid knowledge of garment construction and a love of technical drawings to create industry-standard trade drawings using Adobe Illustrator. 

Development and testing of patterns and instructions

With a degree in Fashion Design and continuous exploration of construction techniques, Two Sewing Sisters offers reviews of patterns and the technical construction steps of your garment. 

Teaching and Sewing Classes

Looking to expand your sewing skills?  As a trained Textiles teacher, Lauren completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Learning through Deakin University alongside a Certificate VI in Training and Assessment which she ensures remains up to date.  She has taught in the Fashion Department at RMIT University and Holmesglen TAFE delivering higher education courses.  Always looking to develop and expand their practices Two Sewing Sisters loves exploring new techniques and offers group and one on one classes. 

Contact Two Sewing Sisters via email at and tell us about your project and how we can assist you with these creative services and take it to the next level.