T-shirt dress – Literally

Looking to create the ultimate casual dress, semi fitted, stretchy, sleeved with high neck with protection from some sun the first thought that sprung to mind was a tshirt dress… literally.

Starting with two preexisting tshirts meant already finished seams but also a great chance to develop some upcycling ideas. To get enough length for the skirt it started with the largest size that could be found and a medium that was the best size to fit across the bust.

Cutting the smaller size to waist length with enough extra for seam and allow for slight blousing. The larger shirt was cut across below the neckline then to the hem. Closing up the sides using the existing hem before joining the bodice to skirt.

To pull in the waist, keeping with the use of only one machine in this case an overlocker, elastic was secured on the seam.