New Look 6694 Tartan Shirting Fabric Design 63 from Minerva

This dress treads the fine line between office attire and being a very fun outfit. Did we do a twirl in the work kitchen the other day just to test out the skirt? Yes, yes we did. We see more tartan dresses with feminine design lines in our future… 

Fabric: Tartan Shirting Fabric Design 63 from Minerva

This is Minerva Core Range Cotton Shirting Fabric in Design 63. It is a woven fabric that is 142 cm wide – perfect for getting creative with the pattern layout and making the most of those tartan checks!

Find this fabric on Minerva.

Pattern: New Look 6694

This is view A of New Look 6694. We’ve made this pattern a couple of times, including our Valentine’s Day version two years ago. We really love this dress for a couple of reasons. The bodice is really cool, as it wraps with a button closure – but unlike other wraps has a lovely higher neckline rather than a v-neckline which is typically common for wrap dresses.

Find this pattern on Minerva here.

Finished N6694

Photo Credits

Photographer: James Christie Media
Pattern: New Look 6694
Fabric:  Shirting Fabric Design 63 from Minerva

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