LIV: 14th Victorian Legal Awards

3.jpgErin was nominated for ‘Law Student of the Year’, as part of the LIV: 14th Victorian Legal Awards. So naturally a new dress was in order!

The dress is a combination of the bodice of Gertie’s Charm Patterns Lamour Dress and the skirt of Vintage Vogue Pattern V1172 made from Spotlight fabric.

This dress must have been lucky, as the night ended with award in hand!

Erin pictured here with the Deakin Law School Dean, Professor Jenni Lightowlers.  A wonderful evening at the LIV: 14th Victorian Legal Awards!

The process of dress creation below…

First step, cutting out:

Second step, construction:

Third step, testing up the skirt:

Detail of bodice (Gertie’s Charm Patterns Lamour Dress):


For a little extra touch – we added zippers in the pockets which allows for all of your belonging to go in your pockets, no bag needed!


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