1920’s Jazz Ball

Tickets to the 100 years of jazz in the UK festival feat the Puppini Sisters with the dress code of “Waistcoats, flapper dresses, top hats, pinstripes, fascinators are all highly encouraged” and the comment “Don’t worry about feeling over dressed, people will be coming in all sorts of wow!” called for a new dress for the occasion.  

Turning to Pinterest for some inspiration searching out images of Downtown Abbey, Miss Phryne Fisher and the Great Gatsby the key features started to form – see the Pinterest board here. Inspired by the draped and handkerchief hems the fabric was ordered with a feature to be made of two beaded motifs with one on the hip and the other for a hair clip.

Working with no pattern meant mapping out approximate measurements and self fittings to gather the drape into the best position.  Edges were finished with the baby lock action on the overlocker due to the large length of edge added with front feature and back draped chiffon.

Set for a night in the historic Troxy Art Deco themed ballroom the night was danced away in a tribute to an era gone by.