McCalls 7969 in Minerva Exclusive Blazing Bouquet Viscose Challis Fabric

Ah the popular McCalls 7969.  We finally got the chance to create it after watching so many other fabulous makers create their version of it. Here are the details of our version 

Fabric: Minerva Exclusive Blazing Bouquet Viscose Challis Fabric

As Minerva Makers (link), we were looking forward to creating something with this vibrant Blazing Bouquet design that is exclusive to Minvera. For this dress, we chose the viscose challis base cloth.

Viscose is a fibre that is derived from wood pulp, making it a natural fabric that is more breathable than cotton.

Find out more about the fabric here.

Pattern: McCalls 7969

Sewing pattern cover of McCalls 7969

McCalls 7969 is a very loose-fitting dress that easily pulls over the head. We made view A, which is the view without any ruffles on the sleeve or hem. Given the fabric is so bright and colourful, we didn’t think it needed the extra ruffles.

You can find the pattern on the Minerva site here.

Finished M7969

For this fabric we would highly recommend making sure you have sharp needle in your sewing machine as the threads of the material can pull and cause damage to the print if it gets caught on a blunt needle. This dress will serve as a casual home dress for us.

Photo Credits

Photographer: James Christie Media
Pattern: McCall’s 7969
Fabric:  Minerva Exclusive Blazing Bouquet Viscose Challis Fabric