Gobi Culottes Pattern Testing for Itch to Stitch

We were invited to be part of the pattern testing group for Itch to Stitch‘s new pattern release the Gobi Culottes.

Itch to Stitch describes the styles “The Culottes are unique and a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Made to look like a skirt, but with the convenience of pants, the Gobi has a contour waistband that sits high at your natural waist. The buttoned fly front adds interest, and you can also lengthen the legs to create a longer pair for the fall! The Gobi will surely set you apart from run-of-the-mill styles!”


Gobi Culottes Digital Sewing Pattern

Gobi Culottes by Two Sewing Sisters

For the testing of the Gobi Culottes we used a patterned polished cotton to create a structured short. We finished the hem of the style 10cm shorter than the original design to create more a Summer look as Melbourne’s temperature is finally creeping up.

The pockets are a placed at a good angle and the tucks lining up with the panels in the waistband is a lovely detail. This style uses a fully buttoned fly which we used black shank buttons for.

Construction Tips

Pants can contain a lot of pieces and it can be difficult to imagine how the pieces, particularly relating to the fly and pocket come together.  For the Gobi Pants there are many pieces to the waist band that line up with the darts in the legs. 

Our suggestion with this pattern and most patterns is until you are familar with how the pieces come together is to lay the pieces out on the ground in the same formation as you expect the to come together.  This gives you a chance to identify which notches line up and that you will be joining the correct seams together the first time.