Minna Dress by Schultz Apparel

Schultz Apparel has released a stunning new pattern called the Minna Dress.  Their style is strong and feminine designs with features including large sleeves and fitted bodices inspired by vintage designs.  Minna is no exception and she is devine!  We really enjoyed being part of the pattern testing team for this style. 

Minna Dress Details

The Minna Dress has a fitted bodice, statement sleeves that gather into a cuff, and a full skirt. This pattern includes three bodice options, three sleeve options, and three skirt options. The designs can be mixed and matched depending on your style. The design is not lined but uses a facing to finish the neck edge.

The pattern is designed to be made in a woven fabric including cotton, linen and wool.

We made Design A which has a boat neck, buttons at center front, long sleeves and flip cuffs. It has a slightly gathered circle skirt.

The fabric we used was a block wax cotton that Lauren purchased when visiting London. It was from African Queen Fabrics located in the Brixton Markets. You purchase fabric by the piece that comes 120cm wide by 5.5 meters in length. This was the perfect amount for us because of the way we needed to use the pattern placement to make sure the key parts of the printed landed correctly on the pattern pieces. Schultz Apparel do not suggest that you need this much fabric, it is best to check the instructions for their recommendation about the style you make.

Constructing the Minna Dress

The fabric print placement on the cuff

The pattern suggests user an under arm invisible zipper. This is difficult to get in and out of for a garment that has sleeves. The style does not have any detail or collar in the back that would be interrupted by a center back zipper so we opted to do this instead. We hope it will provide a little bit more longevity to the make instead of straining the underarm seams trying to get in and out of an underarm zipper.

This design is not lined and uses a neck facing to finish around the neck and button area. It is a neat finish however we are also working on a version with the flat front which we chose to line the bodice of as the fabric was not as stable. We did this by cutting the same bodice piece in a lining fabric and omitting the facing pieces.

Keep and eye on your seam allowance – it is 2cm for the pattern. If you are use to sewing with other patterns your default might be 1.5cm so make sure to check the instructions in case it varies.

Finished Minna Dress

The Minna dress is such a sweet style.  We really liked the fit of the bodice.  It is easy to wear as even though it has a wider more open neckline there is no need to wear a strapless bra with it as the neckline is really well placed. The instructions are quite good, keep an eye on how to finish the cuff for option A, it is a little difficult to finish the curved split cuff.  The shape of the sleeves is fantastic and provides a strong statement. 

Photography Notes

Photographer: Lauren Ritchie
Model: Erin Ritchie
Dress Pattern: Minna Dress by Schultz Apparel
Dress Fabric: African Queen Fabrics, Brixton, London

Lace Blue Deakin Law Ball

This year Erin graduates from her studies at Deakin University which means this year is her final Law Ball.  Over the last six years we have created a new outfit for the occasion that has included navy sequins, red lace, pale blue flowers.  This year it was time to mix things up.

We started by collecting some images on Pinterest,originally we had purchased a gold fabric to make a draped bodice but after Erin was nominated for the Lawyer’s Weekly Award this dress was created for that occasion and this opened up the possibilities.  

Law Ball sketch - Blue Lace - Tessuti Fabrics - Erin Ritchie - Two Sewing Sisters


The bodice for this Law Ball outfit was cut from McCall’s 6331 in cream coloured drill to create a nude effect to be layered with Billi’s Royal Lace from Tessuti Fabric . The lace comes in 50cm wide panels which meant strategic placement of panels on the pattern. The bodice was heavily boned to support the strapless corset style and the key design lines had matching blue ribbon top stitched on them.

Why a two piece not a jumpsuit? If you have to ask that question, chances are you have never been to the bathroom in a jumpsuit. The pants are created from Megan Nielsen Flint Pants as a base with removal of the pockets for a smooth line in the lace.

Details of the Outfit for Law Ball

Pattern: Bodice McCall’s 6331 and bottom Megan Nielsen Flint Pants
Fabric: Billi’s Royal Lace from Tessuti Fabric
Shoes: Florsheim
Clutch: Olga Berg