Burda 6736 in Magenta Coating from Super Cheap Fabrics

How do you decide what to pack when travelling?  Lauren was travelling in Europe in January and February in cold weather so took on the challenge to create a wardrobe centred around one piece.  What would that piece?  A coat made the most sense, you need it every day in the cold weather, it is also the bulkiest item to pack and heaviest to transport.  So a jacket it was!

Fabric: Magenta Coating from Super Cheap Fabrics

We spotted this magenta coating on sale at Super Cheap Fabrics and we were talking about statement coats after the coats we created when we went to New York and the magenta was just too good to pass up!

Pattern: Burda 6736

The Burda Coat pattern is a loose-fitting jacket with set-in sleeves and over sized wrap. It features two buttons and patch pockets.

Originally unlined I wanted to add a lining to it to make it easier to get on and off over thick dresses and tops. I copied the outside pattern pieces and attached the facing on top of the lining so it could be treated as one. The only downfall of this was I forgot to include a pleat at the center back and the lining was under stress and has pulled at the side seams. It is now on the fix pile to add an extra panel to resolve this.


Finished Make of Burda 6736

Photo Credits

Pattern: Burda 6736
Fabric: Magenta Coating from Super Cheap Fabrics
Buttons: Tessuti Fabrics

The coat in Paris